Calendula Sunscreen

When the sun is shining, my kids always ask me: “When are we going to the seaside?” In fact, tomorrow we will be leaving. And my boy keeps asking me: “Is today tomorrow? When will tomorrow come? ” 🙂
Since they are in such a hurry I thought to myself that I should be prepared and I started packing 2 days ago. Not because I have too many bags, but because they keep searching through the suitcases when they see something of interest: like a toy or a water pistol or a ball.
And, if you have kids, you know that they don’t take out only the object they want, but ten others also. I have to put them together again and again. It’s like a never ending game. Which they enjoy. I don’t.
So, I thought I have to be prepared for the sun rays, too. I really don’t enjoy using common sunscreen as it contains a lot of chemicals which are absorbed very quickly. I prepare my own and I will show you my favorite recipe below.

You Will Need:

  • 1/2 cup calendula infused oil
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup beeswax pastilles
  • 2 tbsp shea butter
  • 2 tbsp zinc oxide
  • 1 tsp raspberry seed oil
  • Essential oils of choice (I use lavender and mint)


1. Melt together the calendula infused oil, shea butter, coconut oil and the beeswax pastilles in a jar.

2. Use a double boiler or place the jar in a pan with hot water.

3. Remove from heat.

4. Add the raspberry seed oil.

5. Mix in the zinc oxide. Be careful to wear a mask so you don’t inhale the powder. Stir well for the zinc oxide to be evenly distributed.

6. Add the essential oils and stir again.

7. Pour the mixture into a clean container and let it cool and harden.