Healthy Alternatives to Breakfast Cereal

Most cereals, whether they are for kids or adults, are often loaded with heaps of sugar or fructose corn syrup. It has been noted from CBS News that the ultimate worst cereal to eat as far as your health is concerned, is the Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, registering with nearly 56% weight in sugar. Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and Corn Pops are close behind. Eating all that sugary sugar, you can expect your blood sugar levels to rise, and be hungry already just a while later.

The sugar eventually just converts into fat, and you eventually can end up with serious type 2 diabetes. Cereals are high in genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), particularly cereals geared at children. Herbicides and pesticides are used on corn, soy, sugar beets, and canola crops, with severe environmental and human health risks. But how on earth do you avoid GMO cereals? You need to make sure you buy cereals that are certified as organic. If you really want your kids and the rest of the family to be healthy and to cut out these habit-forming cereals, here is a list of some of the healthiest cereal alternatives you can eat.

Aside from cereals, here are some wonderful healthy alternatives to breakfast cereals:

Yogurt without added sugar
Yogurt is a delicious breakfast food, but not the sweetened ones. Rather stay away from the overly sweetened yogurt, and shop for plain yogurt which you can top with bananas or fresh berries for your sweetness. Look out for the Siggi’s yogurt as they contain very little added sugar.

Oatmeal is a highly comforting, warm dish, packed with nutrients; you need to buy the organic oats. Add a dollop of natural yogurt over your cooked oats, some crushed nuts and a sliver of honey in it, or some flavorsome cinnamon sprinkled over – you then have a powerful energy meal loaded with good health and wellbeing, not forgetting that it boosts your concentration levels too.

Nut butter on whole grain toast
Look, bagels with cream cheese or donuts are delicious with coffee, but how does your body derive important nutrients or fight off disease on that? You need to be prepared for what life throws at you during the day and that means eating top nutrients. Try something like nut butter on ancient whole grain toast. What about some sweet slices of apple or banana to pop into your mouth as well? Carry some nuts and raisins as a go-between snack to help close the gap between meals.

Protein Smoothie
Unlike a lot of smoothies that you can buy that contain spoons of sugar; the homemade ones can be extremely healthy. Take a banana and some frozen fruit and some thickener, a scoop of whey protein to keep you alert and a splash of some almond milk for a real health surge. Don’t put fruit juices in your smoothie as they contain quite a bit of sugar.

Scrambled eggs
Delicious scrambled eggs, a typical breakfast staple – the egg yolks are so good for you, containing plenty of vitamin D, iron, and folate. The egg whites too, with plenty of minerals and vitamins, proteins, and fats boost this powerful protein meal. Eggs provide plenty of energy and they keep you going well into the morning, feeling satisfied.

Breakfast sandwich
A breakfast sandwich is a real favorite. All it takes is one scrambled up egg, a beef patty and some slices of avocado; and you can even add some cheese. These go inside an English muffin made from whole grains. Here you get folate and iron, plenty of protein, fiber and monounsaturated fat from the avocado. This breakfast sandwich is the ideal recipe to keep you highly satisfied until your next meal.

Egg and ham muffins
Heat your oven to 400°. All you do is line each 12-cup baking tin cup with a portion of ham, and then add some grated cheese in, with a cracked egg in each cup, sprinkled with salt and pepper. Bake in the oven until the eggs are cooked through, around 12-15 minutes. They are delicious cold as well and highly nutritious.

When you start your day with healthy breakfasts, you do your body a favor – you kick-start your metabolism and you start the day with something delicious that promotes feelings of well-being. Here are plenty of options that you can whip up each morning, and best of all they are good for you. Bet you’ll want to make them for lunch too. For goodness sake, have a look!