Aloe Eye Serum

Being a full time mom and full time student I rarely get the recommended eight hours of sleep deemed necessary for healthy body function and sometime it is noticeable; Very, very noticeable. I get those dark raccoon liking rings under my eyes along with the baggy and puffiness that accompanies it. I ignored it when my son was a new born but now that he is older and I have to leave the house more I’ve learned that I need to at least look like I have slept.

I started putting Vitamin E oil under my eyes at least once a day to try and combat my eye problem but instead of helping, it just made my skin oil and produced very unwanted acne. When I thought about my favorite drink (aloe infused tea) and all of the great properties of aloe, I began experimenting with some different recipes for an under eye cream. I managed to stumble across something much simpler to make and even better than store bought under eye products. I created the Aloe Eye Serum.


  • 1 small aloe leaf (1 tsp. of store bought aloe gel can be substituted)
  • 1-3 drops sweet almond oil (depending on how oily your skin type is- I use 2 drops)
  • Shot glass or small medicine cup
  • Small paring knife
Aloe Eye Serum
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  1. Wash and dry your fresh picked aloe leaf
  2. With your paring knife, cut ¼ – ½ in. off the bottom of the aloe leaf
  3. Let aloe leaf stand at a 45° angle for about two minutes to let the yellowish goop drain out
  4. Once drained, use your knife to peel away the aloe skin from the solid gel inside
  5. Squish gel into a pasty liquid and add sweet almond oil
  6. Apply under the eyes up to twice a day to help with puffy dark circles around your tired eyes

Some things to know about this recipe:

  • The “yellowish goop” is actually an intense laxative in ingested
  • Using the mashed aloe gel on the upper eye lid works as a natural eye shadow primer
  • Aloe juice is edible and aids in healthy digestion and even helps neutralize heartburn